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Jim-Tong Horng

Position Professor and Head

Department Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


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Focus of Interest

Mechanistic study of the replication of enterovirus 71 and influenza viruses

Antiviral drug development against influenza virus and enterovirus 71

















Fulltime employment

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Postdoc fellow


Chang Gung University

Department of Biochemistry

Assistant Professor


Chang Gung University

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Associate Professor


Chang Gung University

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


















University of Cambridge

Department of Biochemistry


National Taiwan University

Institute of Biochemistry


National Taiwan University

Department of Medical Technology



Editorial Board Member


Antiviral Research 2012 - current


Recent publications (2014-2016, * corresponding author, # equal contribution)

1.          Ho, J. Y., Chern, J. H., Hsieh, C. F., Liu, S. T., Liu, C. J., Wang, Y. S., Kuo, T. W., Hsu, S. J., Yeh, T. K., Shih, S. R., Hsieh, P. W., and Horng*, J. T. (2016) In vitro and in vivo studies of a potent capsid-binding inhibitor of enterovirus 71. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (accepted), IF=5.313, PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY: 17/255=6.67%

2.          Jheng, J. R., Wang, S. C., Jheng, C. R., and Horng*, J. T. (2015) Enterovirus 71 induces dsRNA/PKR-dependent cytoplasmic redistribution of GRP78/BiP to promote viral replication. Emerging Microbes & Infections (In press), IF=2.258, Microbiology: 72/119=60.50%

3.          Tang, W. F., Huang, R. T., Chien, K. Y., Huang, J. Y., Lau, K. S., Jheng, J. R., Chiu, C. H., Wu, T. Y., Chen, C. Y., and Horng*, J. T. (2016) Host MicroRNA miR-197 Plays a Negative Regulatory Role in the Enterovirus 71 Infectious Cycle by Targeting the RAN Protein. Journal of virology 90, 1424-1438, IF=4.439, Microbiology: 7/33=21.21%

4.          Velu, A. B., Chen, G. W., Hsieh, P. T., Horng, J. T., Hsu, J. T., Hsieh, H. P., Chen, T. C., Weng, K. F., and Shih, S. R. (2014) BPR-3P0128 inhibits RNA-dependent RNA polymerase elongation and VPg uridylylation activities of Enterovirus 71. Antiviral research 112, 18-25, IF=3.938, PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY: 42/255=16.47%

5.          Weng, K. F., Hung, C. T., Hsieh, P. T., Li, M. L., Chen, G. W., Kung, Y. A., Huang, P. N., Kuo, R. L., Chen, L. L., Lin, J. Y., Wang, R. Y., Chen, S. J., Tang, P., Horng, J. T., Huang, H. I., Wang, J. R., Ojcius, D. M., Brewer, G., and Shih, S. R. (2014) A cytoplasmic RNA virus generates functional viral small RNAs and regulates viral IRES activity in mammalian cells. Nucleic acids research 42, 12789-12805, IF=9.112, BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: 20/290=6.896%

6.          Wu, M. J., Ke, P. Y., and Horng*, J. T. (2014) RacGTPase-activating protein 1 interacts with hepatitis C virus polymerase NS5B to regulate viral replication. Biochemical and biophysical research communications 454, 19-24, IF=2.297, BIOPHYSICS: 41/73=56.16%

7.          Jheng, J. R., Ho, J. Y., and Horng*, J. T. (2014) ER stress, autophagy, and RNA viruses. Frontiers in microbiology 5, 388, IF=3.989, Microbiology: 27/119=22.69%

8.          Wu, M. J., Ke, P. Y., Hsu, J. T., Yeh, C. T., and Horng*, J. T. (2014) Reticulon 3 interacts with NS4B of the hepatitis C virus and negatively regulates viral replication by disrupting NS4B self-interaction. Cellular microbiology 16, 1603-1618, IF=4.915, Microbiology: 18/119=15.13%

9.          Ho, J. Y., Chang, H. W., Lin, C. F., Liu, C. J., Hsieh, C. F., and Horng*, J. T. (2014) Characterization of the anti-influenza activity of the Chinese herbal plant Paeonia lactiflora. Viruses 6, 1861-1875, IF=3.353, VIROLOGY: 12/33=36.36%


 Past publication (before 2014)

1.         Chen, L. L., Kung, Y. A., Weng, K. F., Lin, J. Y., Horng, J. T., and Shih, S. R. (2013) Enterovirus 71 infection cleaves a negative regulator for viral internal ribosomal entry site-driven translation. Journal of virology 87, 3828-3838

2.     Hsu, K. C., Hung, H. C., Horng, J. T., Fang, M. Y., Chang, C. Y., Li, L. T., Chen, I. J., Chen, Y. C., Chou, D. L., Chang, C. W., Hsieh, H. P., Yang, J. M., and Hsu, J. T. (2013) Parallel screening of wild-type and drug-resistant targets for anti-resistance neuraminidase inhibitors. PloS one 8, e56704

3.     Mok, C. K., Chen, G. W., Shih, K. C., Gong, Y. N., Lin, S. J., Horng, J. T., Hsu, J. T., Chen, C. J., and Shih, S. R. (2013) Evolutionarily conserved residues at an oligomerization interface of the influenza A virus neuraminidase are essential for viral survival. Virology 447, 32-44

4.     Hsieh, C. F., Yen, H. R., Liu, C. H., Lin, S., and Horng*, J. T. (2012) Ching-fang-pai-tu-san inhibits the release of influenza virus. Journal of ethnopharmacology 144, 533-544

5.     Yeh, J. Y., Coumar, M. S., Shiao, H. Y., Lin, T. J., Lee, Y. C., Hung, H. C., Ko, S., Kuo, F. M., Fang, M. Y., Huang, Y. L., Hsu, J. T., Yeh, T. K., Shih, S. R., Chao, Y. S., Horng*, J. T., and Hsieh*, H. P. (2012) Anti-influenza Drug Discovery: Identification of an Orally Bioavailable Quinoline Derivative through Activity- and Property-Guided Lead Optimization. ChemMedChem 7, 1546-1550

6.     Liu, C. H., Horng, J. T., Chang, J. S., Hsieh, C. F., Tseng, Y. C., and Lin, S. (2012) Localization and force analysis at the single virus particle level using atomic force microscopy. Biochemical and biophysical research communications 417, 109-115

7.     Jheng, J. R., Lin, C. Y., Horng*, J. T., and Lau, K. S. (2012) Inhibition of enterovirus 71 entry by transcription factor XBP1. Biochemical and biophysical research communications 420, 882-887

8.     Hung, H. C., Liu, C. L., Hsu, J. T., Horng, J. T., Fang, M. Y., Wu, S. Y., Ueng, S. H., Wang, M. Y., Yaw, C. W., and Hou, M. H. (2012) Development of an anti-influenza drug screening assay targeting nucleoproteins with tryptophan fluorescence quenching. Analytical chemistry 84, 6391-6399

9.     Hsieh, C. F., Lo, C. W., Liu, C. H., Lin, S., Yen, H. R., Lin, T. Y., and Horng*, J. T. (2012) Mechanism by which ma-xing-shi-gan-tang inhibits the entry of influenza virus. Journal of ethnopharmacology 143, 57-67

10.    Chang, C. W., Leu, Y. L., and Horng*, J. T. (2012) Daphne Genkwa sieb. Et zucc. Water-soluble extracts act on enterovirus 71 by inhibiting viral entry. Viruses 4, 539-556

11.     Hsu, J. T., Yeh, J. Y., Lin, T. J., Li, M. L., Wu, M. S., Hsieh, C. F., Chou, Y. C., Tang, W. F., Lau, K. S., Hung, H. C., Fang, M. Y., Ko, S., Hsieh, H. P., and Horng*, J. T. (2012) Identification of BPR3P0128 as an Inhibitor of Cap-Snatching Activities of Influenza Virus. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 56, 647-657

12.    Wu, M. S., Yen, H. R., Chang, C. W., Peng, T. Y., Hsieh, C. F., Chen, C. J., Lin, T. Y., and Horng*, J. T. (2011) Mechanism of action of the suppression of influenza virus replication by Ko-Ken Tang through inhibition of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway and viral RNP nuclear export. Journal of ethnopharmacology 134, 614-623

13.    Shih, S. R., Chu, T. Y., Reddy, G. R., Tseng, S. N., Chen, H. L., Tang, W. F., Wu, M. S., Yeh, J. Y., Chao, Y. S., Hsu, J. T., Hsieh, H. P., and Horng*, J. T. (2010) Pyrazole compound BPR1P0034 with potent and selective anti-influenza virus activity. Journal of biomedical science 17, 13

14.    Yeh#, J. Y., Coumar#, M. S., Horng#, J. T., Shiao, H. Y., Kuo, F. M., Lee, H. L., Chen, I. C., Chang, C. W., Tang, W. F., Tseng, S. N., Chen, C. J., Shih, S. R., Hsu, J. T., Liao, C. C., Chao, Y. S., and Hsieh, H. P. (2010) Anti-influenza drug discovery: structure-activity relationship and mechanistic insight into novel angelicin derivatives. Journal of medicinal chemistry 53, 1519-1533

15.    Lin#, C. S., Horng#, J. T., Yang, C. H., Tsai, Y. H., Su, L. H., Wei, C. F., Chen, C. C., Hsieh, S. C., Lu, C. C., and Lai, H. C. (2010) RssAB-FlhDC-ShlBA as a major pathogenesis pathway in Serratia marcescens. Infection and immunity 78, 4870-4881

16.    Shih#, S. R., Horng#, J. T., Poon, L. L., Chen, T. C., Yeh, J. Y., Hsieh, H. P., Tseng, S. N., Chiang, C., Li, W. L., Chao, Y. S., and Hsu, J. T. (2010) BPR2-D2 targeting viral ribonucleoprotein complex-associated function inhibits oseltamivir-resistant influenza viruses. The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy 65, 63-71

17.    Jheng, J. R., Lau, K. S., Tang, W. F., Wu, M. S., and Horng*, J. T. (2010) Endoplasmic reticulum stress is induced and modulated by enterovirus 71. Cellular microbiology 12, 796-813

18.    Lin, T. Y., Liu, Y. C., Jheng, J. R., Tsai, H. P., Jan, J. T., Wong, W. R., and Horng*, J. T. (2009) Anti-enterovirus 71 activity screening of chinese herbs with anti-infection and inflammation activities. The American journal of Chinese medicine 37, 143-158

19.    Lin, J. Y., Li, M. L., Huang, P. N., Chien, K. Y., Horng, J. T., and Shih, S. R. (2008) Heterogeneous nuclear ribonuclear protein K interacts with the enterovirus 71 5' untranslated region and participates in virus replication. The Journal of general virology 89, 2540-2549

20.    Chen, Y. J., Zeng, S. J., Hsu, J. T., Horng, J. T., Yang, H. M., Shih, S. R., Chu, Y. T., and Wu, T. Y. (2008) Amantadine as a regulator of internal ribosome entry site. Acta pharmacologica Sinica 29, 1327-1333

21.    Wu, B. W., Pan, T. L., Leu, Y. L., Chang, Y. K., Tai, P. J., Lin, K. H., and Horng*, J. T. (2007) Antiviral effects of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) against enterovirus 71. The American journal of Chinese medicine 35, 153-168

22.    Tung, W. H., Sun, C. C., Hsieh, H. L., Wang, S. W., Horng, J. T., and Yang, C. M. (2007) EV71 induces VCAM-1 expression via PDGF receptor, PI3-K/Akt, p38 MAPK, JNK and NF-kappaB in vascular smooth muscle cells. Cellular signalling 19, 2127-2137

23.    Tang, W. F., Yang, S. Y., Wu, B. W., Jheng, J. R., Chen, Y. L., Shih, C. H., Lin, K. H., Lai, H. C., Tang, P., and Horng*, J. T. (2007) Reticulon 3 binds the 2C protein of enterovirus 71 and is required for viral replication. The Journal of biological chemistry 282, 5888-5898

24.    Wei, J. R., Tsai, Y. H., Horng, Y. T., Soo, P. C., Hsieh, S. C., Hsueh, P. R., Horng, J. T., Williams, P., and Lai, H. C. (2006) A mobile quorum-sensing system in Serratia marcescens. Journal of bacteriology 188, 1518-1525

25.    Chang, Y. K., Horng, J. T., Huang, R. Z., and Lin, S. Y. (2006) Direct capture of factor IX from unclarified human plasma by IMEBAC. Biochemical Engineering Journal 29, 12-22

26.    Chang, Y. K., Horng, J. T., Huang, R. Z., and Lin, S. Y. (2006) Direct recovery of clotting factor IX from unclarified human plasma by expanded bed ion exchange chromatography. Biochemical Engineering Journal 30, 138-146

27.    Wong, W. R., Chen, Y. Y., Yang, S. M., Chen, Y. L., and Horng*, J. T. (2005) Phosphorylation of PI3K/Akt and MAPK/ERK in an early entry step of enterovirus 71. Life sciences 78, 82-90

28.    Horng*, J. T., and Tan, C. Y. (2004) Biochemical characterization of the coating mechanism of the endosomal donor compartment of synaptic vesicles. Neurochemical research 29, 1411-1416

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1. The XIIIth International Congress of Virology, International Union of Microbiological Societies 2005, San Francisco, USA (Selected Speaker), 2005: Enterovirus 71 replication complex is associated with cellular membranes

2. Chang Gung University, 2005: Reticulon 3 binds to 2C protein of enterovirus 71 and is required for viral replication

3. National Central University, 2006: Molecular studies of host-enterovirus 71 interaction

4. American Society for Virology 28th Annual Meeting, 2009: Enterovirus 71 induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and modulates the unfolded protein response signaling cascade to benefit viral infection (delivered by Jia-Rong Jeng)

5. National Central University, 2009, Drug discovery against influenza viruses.

6. National Chung Cheng University, 2009, War against influenza viruses

7. American Society for Virology 28th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, 2009: oral presentation title: Enterovirus 71 induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and modulates the unfolded protein response signaling cascade to benefit viral infection (delivered by Jia-Rong Jeng).

8. American Society for Virology 29th annual meeting, Bozeman, Montana, USA , 2010: oral presentation title: The ER stress transducer ATF6 is cleaved by enterovirus 71 for viral replication.

9. Keystone symposia: Pathogenesis of Influenza: Virus-Host Interactions, Hong Kong, 2011, oral presentation title: Identification of BPR3P0128 as an Inhibitor against Cap Snatching Activity of Influenza Virus.

10.  Indo-Taiwan Workshop, ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga, India, 2011, invited speech title: Identification of Inhibitors of Influenza Virus.

11. American Society of Virology 32nd annual meeting, Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania, USA, oral presentation title: Reticulon 3 Binds NS4B of the Hepatitis C Virus to Inhibit NS4B Oligomerization.

12. 台灣微生物學會病毒研討會, Tainan2012, invited speech: Development of combinational inhibitors against influenza virus from traditional Chinese medicine.

13. 中原大學生物科技學系, Taoyuan 2015, Invited speech: A large-scale screening of miR-197 targets identifies RAN as an essential factor for enterovirus 71 protein nuclear transport and replication
14. 長庚科技大學民生學院校慶系列學術活動  Taoyuan 2015, Invited speech: Drug development against RNA viruses

15. Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong 2016, Invited speech: Development of anti-enterovirus 71 agents that target the ER stress signaling pathway and capsid protein VP1.


  1. 林世明,李世光,李世元,朱淑芳,蕭文欣,陳志傑,王安邦,高全良,林啟萬,蘇慶琅,董育蕙,張光男,黃榮山,張培仁,吳文中,陳家智,徐明璋,許世明,洪錦堂“一種破壞病毒致病性之化學原料”, ROC Patent Document No. 200423926 (November 16, 2004).

  2 . 林世明,李世光,李世元,朱淑芳,蕭文欣,陳志傑,王安邦,高全良,林啓萬,蘇慶琅,董育蕙,張光男,黃榮山,張培仁,吳文中,陳家智,徐明璋,許世明,洪錦堂“一種破壞冠狀病毒致病性之活性劑”, ROC Patent No. I304338 (December 21, 2008).

   3. Hsieh, Hsing-Pang; Hsu, Tsu-An; Yeh, Jiann-Yih; Horng, Jim-Tong; Shih, Shin-Ru; Chang, Sui-yuan; Chao, Yu-Sheng "COUMARIN COMPOUNDS AND THEIR USE FOR TREATING VIRAL INFECTION" US Patent Application No.US2009000481789 (December 17, 2009)

   Expert Reviewer

 BMC Bioinformatics (2005)

 Cell Death and Differentiation (2006)

 Apoptosis (2007)

 Evidence based complementary and alternative medicine (2008)

 Microscopy Research and Technique (2008)

Journal of Natural Products (2010)

Cellular Microbiology (2011)

Microbes and Infection (2012)

PLOS One (2012)

Antiviral Research (2012- )

PLOS Pathogens (2013)

Food & Function (2014)

Journal of General Virology (2014)

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica (2015)

Archives of Virology (2015)

Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (2015)

Oncotarget (2015)

Phytomedicine (2015)

Journal of Virological Methods (2016)

Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy (2016)










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