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Dr. Li-Mei Pai

Dr. Li-Mei Pai

Li-Mei Pai


Appointment: Professor

LabDevelopmental Biology


Education: Ph.D.

University/NationUniversity of North Carolina/Chapel Hill


Tel: 03-211880ext5520

E-mail: pai@mail.cgu.edu.tw


Research website: http://lmpflylab.wix.com/lmpflylab


Laboratory personnel: Postdoctoral fellow: 3 ; Ph.D. student: 2; Master student: 2 ;

Research Assistant: 3 ; undergraduatestudents: 3


Research interests:

1.      Ubiquitination in Drosophila Development and tumorigenesis

Ubiquitination is a post-translational regulation of protein activity in which E3 ligase recognizes substrates for this modification. My lab focuses on the role of proto-oncogene Cbl, an E3 ligase, in EGFR signaling during Drosophila axis determination, and cancer cell growth. We found that Cbl promotes the endocytosis and degradation of ligand-EGFR complex to down-regulate EGFR signaling in Drosophila egg and cancer cells. Interestingly, Cbl regulates the formation of polymeric structure of CTP synthase (CTPsyn filaments) to modulate endoreplication. Currently, we are investigating the molecular mechanisms, and the relationship between CTPsyn filament and tumorigenesis.


2.      Methionine Metabolism in Drosophila Regeneration and Egg Development

Methionine metabolism is involved in the methylation of DNA, RNA, protein, and lipid. We found that deficiency of Adi1, an enzyme in methionine salvage pathway, reduced Drosophila fecundity. The methionine metabolism is also found to be required for protein trafficking during morphogenesis of dorsal follicle cells, and wing regeneration. We are currently investigating the molecular mechanisms, which may help us understand the biological function of methylation during regeneration and development. 



Publications (2011-):

1.    Yu-Hung Lin, Yen-Yi Zhen, I-Ching Lee, Ching-Wen Yang, Li-Mei Pai*.(2016) LIMCH1 regulates nonmuscle myosin-II activity and suppresses cell migration. Under revision for Molecular Biology of Cell. SCI. IF=4.47

2.    Li-Mei Pai*, Pei-Yu Wang, Wei-Cheng Lin, Archan Chakraborty, Chau-Ting Yeh, Yu-Hung Lin. (2016. 4) Ubiquitination and filamentous structure of Cytidine triphosphate synthase. Fly. Invited review. SCI. IF=3.33

3.    Pei-Yu Wang, Wei-Cheng Lin, Yi-Cheng Tsai, Mei-Ling Cheng, Yu-Hung Lin, Shu-Heng Tseng, Archan Chakraborty, Li-Mei Pai*. (2015. 11) Regulation of CTP Synthase Filament Formation during DNA Endoreplication in Drosophila. Genetics. 201: 1511-1523. SCI. IF=5.96

4.    Shiun Chang, Li-Mei Pai, Chien-Kuo Lee. (2015.10) In vitro generation of murine plasmacytoid Dendritic cells from lymphoid progenitors using the AC-6 feeder system. JoVE. SCI. IF=1.33

5.    Chia-Chun Chang, Wei-Cheng Lin, Li-Mei Pai, Hsuan-Shu Lee, Shinn-Chih Wu , Shih-Torng Ding, Ji-Long Liu*, Li-Ying Sung*.(2015.10) Cytoophidium assembly reflects upregulation of IMPDH activity. Journal of Cell Science. 128(19): 3550-3555. SCI. IF=5.43

6.    W-H Lee, P-Y Wang, Y-H Lin, H-Y Chou, Y-H Lee, C-K Lee, L-M Pai *. (2014. 12) Effects of RING-SH2Grb2, a Chimeric Protein Containing the E3 Ligase Domain of Cbl, on the EGFR Pathway. Chinese Journal of Physiology. 57(6):350-357. SCI. IF=1.16

7.    Gabriel N Aughey, Stuart J Grice, Qing-Ji Shen, Yichi Xu, Chia-Chun Chang, Ghows Azzam, Pei-Yu Wang, Luke Freeman-Mills, Li-Mei Pai, Li-Ying Sung, Jun Yan, Ji-Long Liu*. (2014.10) Nucleotide synthesis is regulated by cytoophidium formation during neurodevelopment and adaptive metabolism. Biology Open. 3(11): 1045-1056. SCI. IF=2.42

8.    Chou HY, Lin YH, Shiu GL, Tang HY, Cheng ML, Shiao MS, Pai LM*. (2014. 07) ADI1, a methionine salvage pathway enzyme, is required for Drosophila fecundity. J Biomed Sci. 21(1): 64-73. SCI. IF=2.76

9.    Yi-Cheng Tsai, Wei Chiang, Willisa Liou, Wei-Hao Lee, Yu-Wei Chang, Yi-Chen Li, Pei-Yu Wang, Tsubasa Tanaka, Akira Nakamura, and Li-Mei Pai*. (2014, 2) Endophilin B is required for Drosophila oocyte to endocytose yolk downstream of Oskar. Development. 141 (3):563-573. SCI. IF=6.46

10.Yi-Ling Chen, Ting-Ting Chen, Li-Mei Pai, Joanna Wesoly, Hans A.R. Bluyssen, and Chien-Kuo Lee. (2013, 10) A type I IFN-Flt3 ligand axis augments plasmacytoid dendritic cell development from common lymphoid progenitors. JEM. 210 (12), 2515-2522. SCI. IF=12.52

11.Jen-Cheng Wang, Pei-Yu Wang, Hung-Ing Chen, Kai-Ling Wu, Li-Mei Pai, Tzer-En Nee*.(2013, 6) Lie Group Analysis of the Photo-Induced Fluorescence of Drosophila Oogenesis with the Asymmetrically Localized Gurken Protein. PLoSONE. 8:e65143. SCI. IF=3.23

12.H Pi, YC Huang, IC Chen, CD Lin, HF Yeh, LM Pai. (2011, 06) Identification of 11-amino acid peptides that disrupt Notch-mediated processes in Drosophila. J Biomed Sci. 17; 18: 42-53. SCI. IF=2.76

13.Pei-Yu Wang and Li-Mei Pai*. (2011.02) D-Cbl binding to Drk leads to dose-dependent down-regulation of EGFR signaling and increases receptor-ligand endocytosis. PLoSONE. 6(2) e17097. SCI. IF=3.23






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